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Pardon the dust. I rebuilt the site from the ground up.  Better for me, awesome for you.  Still adding little bits here and there.

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This site was created and is maintained by Stephen Marinaccio (DGA UPM and Line Producer) as a 100% free destination for helpful information about the process and thoughts behind building cohesive, realistic and pragmatic production plans.  You might be someone new to the art of being a UPM, or a veteran.  Either way, I hope you find some useful information here.

You won't find ads here.  No clutter.  I have designed the site to include clear, focused information.  Use it as a reference and get back to your project.  My only request is that you understand that I do this on my free time, between my own projects and for zero pay.  Because of that, sometimes it's months between updates or new material.  However, email is usually responded to within 48 hours.  Better yet, why not get involved with the Reddit community.





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