I accept queries, comments, accolades, and criticism via two routes.  Pick your poison.  Please do not email me on my personal email to ask me general questions.  I will re-direct you to one of these methods.



Ask me questions about contracts, production methods, best budgeting practices and my favorite type of soup.  Have a comment about a production or need to ask about how to get something done?  Having trouble with something? 


  1. Become a member of's Yahoo Group, if you are not already.  It's easy and free.
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I am trying to reserve Slack for Q&A related to production.  Keeping it clear of direct contacts to me will help.  For this reason, please use the YahooGroup or Reddit.

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I don't really use Facebook.  The page is there basically to make announcements.  If you use Facebook a lot, that's cool.  However, if you post a question there, it could honestly be weeks before I respond.  As for Twitter, that's also simply an announcement tool.  Not really great at two-way communication.  Use one of the above methods instead.



Awesome, talk with my agent first.  Ryan Tracy at UTA  (TracyR @



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