Sharing.  That's what it is really all about.

If we go way back, I started a website for myself where I could upload bunches of information and store critical links for use from project to project.  I shared the link with some people, and then kept adding things and then, it was an actual website.  Simply put, was born out of a desire to share information.  Everything about this website promotes open communication and helping others do the best job they can. It took me a long time to get where I am today and I return the favor of those who showed me the way, by sharing what I know.

Enjoy and please do me a favor, pass the sharing along.  Have an idea to add to the site?  Share it with me.



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I gained experience working in various positions in feature films, television, and reality since 1986.  With a varied background working in development, production, post and marketing; shooting worldwide in 18 countries, I understand the details of movie making while always aiming to keep the larger-scope issues in mind.

In 2001, I worked as the UPM overseeing the Mexico shoot on Ghosts of the Abyss under the direction of James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic).  As a UPM, I worked on smaller independent and large studio-based feature films, from $1M to over $140M.  He was accepted as a member of the Director’s Guild of America as a Unit Production Manager in 2008.  Yay, me.

Steve McEveety (Passion of the Christ, Braveheart) hired me in 2007 as VP of Production & Post for Mpower Pictures.  While there, I worked on a number of projects including The Stoning of Soraya M. and the family drama, Snowmen. I was also given the opportunity to assist with both development and marketing, further increasing his understanding of the business.  He also managed the Oscar campaign for one of their films.

I was the UPM on Marco Polo (which I believe still currently stands as the most expensive first season series in history) and I did a stint at Paramount TV ostensively filling in as VP of Production.  I was also recently given my first DGA opportunity to direct, which I did for the second unit on a $40M feature film.  That was fun.

Aside from keeping this site running and updated, I also moderate a Reddit (r/FilmTVBudgeting).  I support the charity Win Place Home, which rescues and cares for ex-racehorses.  I also am an avid board and video game player.  That's my jam.


I would like to be crystal clear that I make seriously no money from this site. $0. Nada. Zilch. Everything is free to you. Really. Crew and Vendors which I may highlight on this site are done at my preference only. I reserve the right to include or exclude anything I see fit.  I maintain this site on my own time and offer its contents to you as-is with hopes that you learn a bit from it.  There's no pretense of asking for donations under the guise of those monies covering my time working on this site, no ad spaces sold in any otherwise fee platform.

I do it because I want to.  I do it for you.  You're welcome.



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~  Knowledgable, detailed, problem-solver

~  Budget experience from $300k to $143M

~  International experience in 18 countries

~  Member DGA, PGA & SAG-AFTRA

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