There are many things to keep in mind when working on a project.  These issues range across the board, but none are too big or small to understand the basics.  As a Line Producer or UPM, you likely will never need to change a lens on a camera, color time the final cut, or push a dolly.  However, understanding what everything means and how it all works in a general sense is something you should work on.  I do too.  This section compiles information to help you understand things a bit more - from development to post.

Although I have divided the subjects by production period, it does not necessarily mean that you should not think about things sooner.  Know something needs to happen in a Post, but you have not shot a frame of film yet?  It's OK to knock that off your list and take care of it now, if possible.  Why wait?



The point of the many topics is general advice.  These articles at are meant to help you understand more about topics related to production. Information presented here is gathered from sources deemed reliable, and my personal experience. The reader should refer to any appropriate legal counsel or further research as needed. makes no representation as to the legal or factual accuracy and will not be held accountable for your use or misuse of information presented. All information is reviewed and updated regularly. No part of this text may be copied to any other media or website without express written permission. Read the legal site policies for more information.  Thanks.


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