When you are not working, you work hard to find your next job.  When you are working, you should also work on finding the next job. Here is a collection of sites you might be able to get employed from.  Good luck!


FREE JOB LISTINGS  ~  Get registered on this site if you work mostly in Commercials  ~  A few production listings, mainly in the sports field  ~  Studio Approved listings

Facebook Production Notices  ~  Nation-wide notices - for unpaid positions  ~  International Listings

Producer's Guild  ~  Free, but for PGA members only  ~  Formerly "".  Mostly non-scripted / reality projects



BTL Magazine's  ~  Domestic and international listings  ~  Currently offline  ~  Focuses on music jobs

StuntContact  ~  Mainly for 2nd Unit Directors and Stunt Crew  ~  Mainly broadcast television work

USA Production Newsletter

Variety's In-Production



Unemployment Insurance is something taken out of your check each week (let's presume you are being paid through payroll, not 1099). Here's some info on getting some back.

California Employment Development Department  ~  File for UI online, California

Other US States  ~  A list of all states and how to apply

US Government  ~  More general information.


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