One only needs to go to the library or a bookstore to find 1000's of books written on filmmaking. Of those, I list here for your consideration ones I have found most useful or otherwise interesting. Most of these I have in my own private library.  As you may have learned from this site, I am fairly vocal about not only understanding what your job is, but also understanding the basics of all the other departments.  Why and how they do what they do is important for you to know and understand.  The books selected here are ones I have learned a bit more than simply observing work done during production.


Find many of the books here at, or try the following booksellers.

Samuel French Bookstores

Focal Press

Hollywood Creative Directories

Movie Pubs


Film + Video Budgets, 5th Edition  |  Deke Simon

The Book of Budgets  |  James Jaeger



I have never found a great one, do you have a suggestion? 



Surviving Production: The Art of Production Management  |  Deborah Patz

The Complete Film Production Handbook, Fourth Edition  |  Eve Honthaner



So, You Wanna be a Producer  |  Steve Ecclesine

The Movie Business Book, 3rd Edition  |  Jason E. Squire

Hollywood 101: The Film Industry  |  Frederick Levy

George Lucas's Blockbusting  |  George Lucas (yes, that George Lucas) 

Indie Producers Handbook  |  Myrl Schreibman

The Hollywood Economist: The Hidden Financial Reality Behind the Movies  |  Edward Jay Epstein

The Producer's Business Handbook, Second Edition  |  John L. Lee, Jr.

Dealmaking in the Film and Television Industry  |  Mark Litwak

The Complete Film Dictionary  |  Ira Konigsberg

Surviving Production: The Art of Production Management  |  Deborah Patz

Indie Producers Handbook: Creative Producing From A to Z  |  Myrl Schreibman



Motion Picture and Video Lighting, Second Edition  |  Blain Brown

Costume Design 101 - 2nd Edition  |  Richard La Motte

The Grip Book, Fourth Edition  |  Michael Uva and Sabrina Uva

Producing Animation  |  Catherine Winder and Zahra Dowlatabadi 



This section is a list of additional books with topics which don't quite fit in anywhere else.  However, I do feel they are really interesting and could prove useful should you decide to give them a read.  Enjoy!

Story: Substance, Structure, Style and The Principles of Screenwriting  |  Robert McKee

The Complete Film Dictionary  |  Ira Konigsberg


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